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HD turbo premium mystery boxes📦


HD turbo premium mystery boxes📦

Original price was: $700.00.Current price is: $450.00.

premium mystery boxes📦

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They’re great and full of tools, home-related products, and tons of other HD items.

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From sneakers to streetwear, technology and beyond, your ideal box is only a click away.

premium mystery box value is above 1000$

What is the Mystery Box?

A lot of goods come back to the amazon warehouse as returns but these items are just as good as new without any damage. There’s also a lot of items that are just sitting in the warehouses as overstock merchandise. All of these items are brand new and in great condition. Basically the mystery box is a box packed with brand new items from Amazon.

quicklotz mystery box 2We the wholesaler offering these boxes, buys the truckloads in huge quantities and simply takes the merchandise and breaks it down offering it in smaller lots to the public. This unique strategy allows them to reach a whole new market of those who don’t have a warehouse yet and cant afford the cost of purchasing an entire truckload.

quicklotz mystery box

The biggest benefit has to be the return on investment, since you are getting these goods at roughly 10% of their value, you are left with a large margin for profit!

How to Make Money reselling the contents of the  premium Mystery Box

The idea behind reselling the contents of the mystery box is no different than flipping items on an online marketplace. When you buy a mystery box, you get 100 brand new items at about 10% of the original value. In my test, I found multiple items that paid for the whole box, things like branded belts, sunglasses and some electronics.

It will benefit you to understand the prices at which these goods can sell, and what kind of competition you have. Also try to factor in the shipping charges, packaging expenses etc. so that you have a clear idea about the profit you can make. Once you have all your data ready, there are several places you can sell the items you discover in your mystery box. You can create a listing on eBay, or any other online marketplace. You will also need to put in a little effort to promote your listings – make sure to use relevant tags in the title and description of the item.

If you already have your own e-commerce website you can also post these items for sale there and make even bigger profits! If not, there’s always the good old flea market.

My results were actually pretty impressive, off the single box I purchased the profit was over $300, so I essentially made near a 150% profit and I got a sweet pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for my summer trips. (Did I forget to mention you can keep some of the cool items for yourself?!)

Is the premium Mystery Box profitable?

quicklotz mystery box 3

The very fact that a single item can pay for the entire investment- explains that there is good money in this business. These boxes come packed with 100 brand new items meaning that you get the wholesale price without having to buy the entire truckload.

So if your like me and not ready to throw down tens of thousands of dollars on a full truckload, piggyback off a larger company like Quicklotz to test the market and see how much you can make!

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